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The only hybrid system that answers customers’ questions about your business.

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For Your Business

Increase revenues by dramatically improving customer service on WhatsApp
Reduce everyday fatigue by not having to answer base questions by-hand
Automate functions that are currently time-consuming and tedious for you.


Who responds to your customers or prospects while you are busy, offline or sleeping?
How can you avoid prospective clients going elsewhere while you struggle to respond?
What if you had a digital assistant that worked 24×7 and never got tired or irritated?
How can you communicate with customers who do not speak your language?
What is the optimal use of your time each day?


Use your existing WhatsApp # (business or personal)
Get started for free in a few minutes, no contract, no credit-card, no commitment
See what it can do for your business at no obligation: ZERO RISK

2 Weeks Free trial

Give us information about your business and answers to common questions, we’ll set AiWa up quickly, for free. Have your customers ask AiWa for typical questions about your products/services If after 2 weeks she does not become indispensable we will buy you a bottle of wine!

Post information about your company on AiWa

Post information about your company on AiWa

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Ask AiWa what she can do for you and any other questions you might have. She knows about features, pricing, setup process, etc. If she cannot answer we will be happy to chat with you directly either in the same chat or via Google Meet up at a convenient time. We’re here to make this very easy for you and change the way you earn business using WhatsApp. 

Our mission is to help you communicate and respond to your customers on WhatsApp.